CARTSHOPPER Summer Household Plastic Ice Cream Popsicle Lattice Tools Ice Cream Mold 4 Cavity Ice Cream Mold Tools for Kids Summer

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Price: ₹599 - ₹279.00
(as of Feb 06,2023 22:52:29 UTC – Details)

With the arrival of warmer weather (and downright sweltering, Hot weather!) many of us are thinking about the best treats for keeping cool. Ice cold, refreshing popsicle on a hot summer day is one of your best options! Use CARTSHOPPER Popsicle Molds Sets not only will you be able to control the ingredients when you make your own at home, you’ll save money, too. Plus, you can customize the flavors to your liking in endless combinations: fruit, juice, punch, and even chilled alcoholic treats for the grown-ups!
Freeze almost anything:
Chocolate milk, old smashed berries, carrots, older yogurt, bottom of the jar blackberry jam, applesauce, and more.

Easy to Clean:
Throw the mold inside a dishwasher for a proper cleaning if you don’t feel like cleaning it using scrubber and soap. Put some liquid on the scrubber, wet it and gently rub it onto the molds outer and inner layer. Then rinse the mold with normal water and you are done. Don’t forget to dry the mold.

Materials and Accessories: Made of food grade materials, kids safe homemade ice pop molds. The funnel makes pouring your ingredients into the molds a breeze, cleaning brush which is helpful to clean inside the molds.
ECO-FRIENDLY: The popsicle molds are made of BPA-Free, FDA approved PP plastic. So, it keeps you and your loved ones healthy and safe from all kinds of toxins. They are dishwasher safe and reusable – great for the environment.
Enjoy yummy ice pops with 4 easy-to-fill no-drip popsicle molds with drip guard and no need for popsicle sticks, the whole family can enjoy all-natural frozen treats.
No Sticky Hands – These Popsicle Molds Have A Drip Tray At The Base Of Each One, So No More Sticky Hands

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