NAGARJUNA Nutoz Gold Xtra – Endo Mycorrhiza for Better Root System

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Price: ₹790 - ₹499.00
(as of Feb 06,2023 23:08:52 UTC – Details)

Nutoz Gold Nutoz gold is a mycorrhizal bio fertilizer. Nutoz gold enhances the root system & increase metabolism of the plant which helps in providing all the micronutrients to plants, also makes it a suitable condition for roots to uptake the food. Dose: 200gm/acre for short duration crops and double in long duration crop. Application: Mix 200gm of Nutoz gold in 500ml of water, after the solution is prepared, mix it well with sand/fertilizer and broadcast it equally in the field. Benefits:- Nutoz gold enhance the root system and increase metabolism system of the plant Mycorrhizal hyphae access water and nutrients beyond the root zone and deliver them to the plant’s vasculum network It provides a good atmospheric condition to grow a plant Increase uptake of phosphorous & other nutrients (Nitrogen, Potassium & micronutrients) Good germination and healthy plants Saves 15-20% of fertilizer No chemical, healthy food and healthy soil Precautions:- Please use gloves at the time of application Please mix Nutoz gold with water before preparing mixture Note:- Please mix Nutoz gold with water before use
Please mix Nutoz gold with water before preparing mixture

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