Onneis Crush’d Bael ( Aegle Marmelos ) Squash | Syrup | Concentarte | Organic Sugar ( Desi khand ) | No Added Color | Immunity Booster | 550 ML

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Price: ₹300.00 - ₹249.00
(as of Oct 02,2022 18:23:39 UTC – Details)

Product Introduction

Bael juice (organic sugar desi Khand) is a sweet aromatic fruit that grows on the bael tree (Aegle marmelos) that is native to India and Southeast Asia. It is Typically to eaten fresh dried or in juice form. Bael squash (juice) awesomeness and quality of its squash by replacing to no sugar sweetness added 100% organic juice our squash doesn’t have an editing colour. This is a unique brand with exclusive and pure taste and quality. An organization (The company of Onnies). Bael is a Ayurvedic fruit with spiritual and medicinal importance.

Product ingredients and Benefits:-

1- Himalayas bael fruit (Botanical name-Aegle marmelos)juice is very beneficial for the human body. It is a 550ml bottle of pure Bael (Organic sugar desi Khand)juice.
2- It is very good for the stomach and beneficial for the human body. It also relieves pain and inflammation. It improves skin complexion.
3- Bael juice is a beneficiary organic pure drink to diseases like Diabetes, Infection for body, diarrhea, and treats cholera.
4- It is recommended of people suffering from stomach ulcers. Bael squash help in cleaning the prevent constipation.
5- Bael fruit is a power punch of virus nutrients like Beta carotene, protein, and vitamin C loaded with vitamins B1, B2.
6- Bael juice is controlling Diabetes to healing ulcers the many benefits of bale squash.
7- Good process of the number of minerals like calcium, potassium fiber, and good fats.
8- Bael juice has a lot of health benefits. Bael squash a summer cooling drink made from Bael fruit.
The product has 100% organic product ingredients in unique varieties and Bael extract is packed with load for health benefits , a managing your stomach pain, a constipation.
Highest scientific standard are practiced will making a desi Khand / Bael which included selection of fruit from tree maintaining as-epic condition based for reaping benefit of juice Bael juice pure and very beneficial for human body.
That’s a very good news your wait is over . Our Bail extract is a perfect balance of pure drink and tasty flavour of Himalayan Bael fruit. The fruit is recounted many health care professional to strengthen the immunity system.

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