Massage Table Shoulder Smart Massager Electric Cervical Spine Massager Neck Waist Shoulders Household Portable Vibration Kneading Pillow Pulse Cervical Relief Tool Health Care Relaxation

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Promote blood circulation in the neck, relax muscles and relax menstruation, eliminate fatigue, thereby improving the problems of neck pain, numbness, and stiffness, and alleviating neuropathic pain.

Be applicable crowd:

Working class: long-term desk workers, such as writers, students, administrators, civil servants, editors, assembly line workers, etc., the vertebrae are in a long-term fatigue state, accelerating neck and shoulder soft tissue strain and cervical disc degeneration.

Housewives: Do housework every day, clean up the room, clean the floor, do laundry, cook, muscles are invisible strain, shoulder pain, leg aches, waist can’t lift.

Elders and elders: As we grow older, our physical function declines. It is not a problem to climb a mountain before going to the sea. Now we take two steps and mention something to give back pain.

Driver friend: Staying up all night driving, you are exhausted physically . When the world is over, you can’t be distracted when driving stiffly. Alleviate a series of waist and shoulder problems caused by long-term driving grasping of steering wheel and waist strain.
Simulation of people kneading massage techniques, preferably skin-friendly fabric.
massage new field, multi-functional massage shawl, healthy intimate hug.
Promote shoulder and neck blood circulation, effectively relieve fatigue, it can also eliminate and relieve many pains and chronic organ symptoms
Relieve leg muscles and nerves, improve leg pain, and stimulate cell metabolism.

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