Japanese Hot Spring Carbonated Bath Powders Assortment Pack (48 Packets) – Includes 4 Different Kinds of Bathing Aromas – Bath Salts for Relaxation, Aromatherapy, Muscle Pain – Includes Towe

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Japanese Hot Spring Soothing Bath Salt Powders Assortment Pack (48 Packets, 30g Each)
Large assortment pack of soothing and relaxing authentic bath powders imported from Japan. This bath salt pack includes 4 different aromas with 12 packets of each.
Why Use Our Japanese Bath Powders?

  • Creates soothing and relaxing scents for proper aromatherapy
  • Soothes your muscle aches and pains
  • Creates tons of bubbles for a tingling sensation during your bath.
  • Slow dissolving packets that will create an enhanced warming effect, relaxing your body to its core. You will even still feeling the warmth of the powders after your bath.
  • Can help hydrate and smooth out your skin
  • Relieve skin irritations and redness
  • Includes many wonderful fragrances and aromas that will help you relax and feel warmth.
  • Large 48 pack to be enjoyed by the whole family

Each Box Contains 12 – 30g powder packets. Total 48 packets:
Yuzu aroma, woods aroma, lavender aroma, and bergamot ginger aroma. Choose your favorites and even mix and match for an amazing scent and experience you have never felt in your bath
ENHANCED WARMING EFFECT – Bath salt powders with a carbonation effect that helps warm your body to its core. The tablets dissolve slowly and creates tons of tiny little bubbles that give you an amazing tingling sensation. You will feel a warming effect even after your bath
SOOTHING AND RELAXING – Simply pour a scented bath salt powder packet into a warm bath and feel your troubles wash away. Creates tons of tiny bubbles and beautiful bathtime scents for aromatherapy and relaxation like you have never felt before
PAIN RELIEF – The soothing sensation will help ease back pain, muscle soreness, and relax your body. The warming ingredients can also help relieve eczema, itchy skin, poor blood circulation and more
FOR LONG OR SHORT BATH – Relax for hours in your tub after a long day or simply use for a short daily bathing session. Relax and soothe your body in the morning and get ready to take on the day

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